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Roasted Potatoes, Carrots, & Parsnips


  • 1 lbs potatoes

  • 6 parsnips

  • 6 carrots

  • 1 bulb of garlic

  • 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary

  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

  • olive oil


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees

  2. Peel the vegetables and halve any larger ones lengthways

  3. Put the potatoes and carrots into a large pan – you may need to use two – of salted, boiling water on a high heat and bring back to the boil

  4. Allow to boil for 5 minutes, then add the parsnips and cook for another 4 minutes

  5. Put a large roasting tray over a medium heat and either add a few generous lugs of olive oil or carefully spoon a little of the fat from the meat you’re cooking

  6. Add the garlic and rosemary leaves

  7. Put the vegetables into the tray with a good pinch of salt and pepper and stir them around to coat them in the flavors

  8. Spread them out evenly into one layer – this is important, as you want them to roast, not steam as they will if you have them all on top of each other

  9. Roast until they are tender and start to brown on the edges (about a half-hour to 45 minutes)

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